Ron D.

Services: Video Production


Creating videos and writing scripts is only a small part of the value that Tim provides.  In fact, over his professional career, Tim has held management positions in IT, Marketing, and Public Relations as well as being a voice-over artist, freelance programmer, web site developer, and consultant.  All skills which have proven to deliver welcome results to his web-based clientele. Based in Southern Oregon, Tim has run his own web company for the last decade catering largely to small companies and startups who seek a fundamentals-based approach to their online success. 

Tim's interest in video production came about as a necessity for his clients who were looking for affordable and effective web content.  Fortunately, he was lucky enough to have worked as a Sr. Technology manager for a television network, where much of his time was spent at his networks studio, in control rooms, on a news set, and even on air at times.  

In his personal life, Tim gets out of the office and the studio whenever he can.  As a camping enthusiast, it's not uncommon for him to pack his camper, and head out with this dogs for weeks on end.  If you ever note that Tims video gigs are paused but his script services are still available, you might as well ask "Where are you now?"  


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